The Zen Palace of Healing

Naturopathic care on the go!

“How Natural Medicine, Self-awareness And the Seasons Can Help You Restore Back your Health”

Health Modalities I Practice:

* Botanical medicine
* Homeopathy 
* Hydrotherapy 
* Mind-body Techniques
* Eating with the Seasons
* Many Others

More than Just your Health:

How Natural Medicine, Self-Awareness And The Seasons Can Help You Restore Back Your Health

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"Dr. Palacios-Campillay introduced me to energy medicine with his superb cranio-sacral technique. He cured my amenorrhea which was stress related after just one treatment. I felt such relief immediately after the treatment because my mind was clearer and I felt more supported in life. Time and time again, he is very intuitive about how I am feeling and uses trigger point therapy very effectively. He is well versed in Western and Eastern medicine which is a great combination for ultimate healing. He is a fantastic listener and he truly cares. I highly recommend Dr. Palacios in treating the whole body and mind!"​
Dawn Siglain
Naturopathic Doctor
I have been treated by Dr. Palacios a handful of times and can always say that I leave his treatments feeling one hundred times better and more relaxed than before. He has an innate ability to target the areas that need the most attention in the body and can bring your body into a more balanced state within minutes into a treatment session. He is a very caring, friendly, and compassionate doctor who I would highly recommend
Dr. Desiree Galante
Naturopathic Doctor